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Très started Bent Music as an Independent Record Label which grew into an On-line Music Store, Distributor and Musician's Resource with the idea of creating a place where musician's had control over their music and could benefit from each other's traffic. A community of music!

Très songs are often politically charged and socially relevent but there are a few that are sensually playful and even a bit facetious. Très CD "Writing On The Wall" starts with edgy Rock, moves into emotionally charged ballads and finishes with danceable melodic pop. It is for sale from the Bent Music Store and from Très own store page on this site. Très music, along with other Bent Music artists can be found pre-loaded on Philips GoGear, MP3 players and other media devices being distributed to millions of customers world wide. Bent Music will be giving away some of these players at Très live shows. Visit Très Gig Page to find out when!

Très - Writing On The Wall Album Review - Smother Magazine by J-Sin

"Très plays rhythm guitar and sings on her debut album 'Writing On The Wall' on Bent Music. Interestingly the music is urban-flecked rock-n-roll with a country vibe hidden somewhere underneath. The lyrics can be simple stories or almost complex allusions and allegories. 'Sticks and Stones' is a tender tale brought about with simple strumming of a guitar, light flute and violin, and of course Très lush voice. So what do you think of great Americana and roots rock coming out of Canada? Maybe NAFTA is a good thing!"


The Department of Religious Studies at Stanford University recently held a presentation on Ethical Responses to Genocide. This presentation discusses genocide occurring around the world today and what we can and should be doing about it. Genocide is the deliberate and systematic extermination of an ethnic or national group. At the end of the discussion there is a slide show presentation of the children of Rwanda who were innocent victims of a 100 day genocide in 1994, some of which were slaughtered by machete. The slide show is set against Très song "Sticks & Stones". To view this presentation go to or and search for "genocide video".

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